Nobody like to be weighed down when they’re at the beach and we’ve all watched and cringed as we’ve seen those people weighed down by heavy deck chairs , a million cooler boxes, plus wind breakers and who knows what else. And that’s not even mentioning some of the horrific fashion choices we’ve seen – fancy cut out swimsuits with a million straps that temporarily look great until your tan lines are revealed, high heel shoes and heavy make-up which most torture sweaty skin. When you’re at the beach you should feel light and free with a practical style that works whether you’re in the water or sunning it up on the sand.

You should think of your beach style much in the same way that you’d think of a capsule wardrobe – everything should work well and look good with everything else so that you can keep things to the minimum. You really don’t need to go overboard with things for the beach even if you spend a lot of time there, and less really is more. If you find that you’re one of those people that tend to pack everything bar the kitchen sink, then read on to find out a few tips for a light and practical beach style.

Ok so a great beach bag is so handy, and instead of a chair which is not that practical to carry especially if there are steep steps down to the beach, take a beach towel instead, since that can easily double up as a cover-up if you’re worried about taking too much sun, and will dry you off after you’ve taken a dip in the sea. Neither needs to be expensive so you can really save here.

A bikini set that lets you soak up some rays and swim securely in the sea is a necessity and we always prefer to choose from an outdoor brand like Roxy since they’ve got some gorgeous sets designed exactly for this purpose. A good bikini should fit you well, not be too small or too big (nobody wants to have to run the risk of losing their top when swimming!), and should make you feel pretty confident when you wear it. If in doubt, a triangle tie bikini is a good option to choose since they are pretty flattering for most figures.

Another practical thing to invest in is a pair of board shorts. Not only can you wear these when you are going to and from the beach, but if you’re taking part in any water sports these are really practical too. They dry quickly and are the perfect choice for the beach so ditch the denim shorts that take forever to dry!

Finally do invest in a good pair of sandals that are comfy and will last a good few seasons. City Beach have got a really good range from good quality brands, and if you love a bargain then check out a City Beach promo code before you shop online to make sure you get the best deal possible.

So as you can see, it really is easy to prep for the beach without weighing yourself down.